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in the bay area and beyond. this effects all of america. >> the minimum wage hike goes into effect 90 days after election results become official so probably in march. >> dan: let's talk to spencer christian a changing weather forecast. i like it when it was warm. >> it's a thing of the past. say goodbye to toasty and say hello to frosty. we see partly cloudy skies. that will be the sky conditions during the overnight hours. here is a look at conditions from live doppler 7-hd as you can see. quite a bit of cloud cover north of the golden gate, high clouds are beginning to sweep in. we had low clouds earlier and daytime hours. things are changing for sure. cooling down and precipitation by tomorrow. current temperature readings mid to upper 50s. 55 in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oakland. these are forecast features, cold showers tomorrow and lingering into friday. chance of a thunderstorm by friday morning as conditions rather unstable atmosphere. flurries are possible in the higher bay area peaks. overnight tonight we'll see some moisture in the clouds but no precipitation expected
america kicked off the day and different abc shows will ask for donations throughout the day and night. the company's donating $2 million and will match donations from employees. >> rest assured that none cents out of every contributed dollar is going directly to those in need. >> reporter: your money helps supply emergency vehicles like this one. five from the bay area have traveled east to help. they have meals, snacks and wate on board. donations also pay for hygiene kits and cleaning supplies, essentials that help people return their lives back to normal. >> $50 will pay for shelter, food, toiletries and a roof over your head and a hot meal near one person for a whole day. >> now, disney kicked off abc's day of giving with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help by texting abcto 90999 or call 1-800-help-now or go to so far, more than $12 million have been pledged. let's keep it coming. the fiery assault on the muni bus. a world series reveler facing charges. and the million-dollar tab the city is facing. >> plus, the unprecedented effort to c
followed of course by abc good morning america at 7. >> let's mention here if you don't already have our smart phone app this is great time to down load. updating real time election results all night tonight. >> down load the 7 news app on a el app store or through google play. >> take as moment. >> other news next when a texas woman began filming her husband landing at local airport she expected to capture his plane making a smooth dissent. >> oh, boy not quite. that >> oh, boy not quite. that story coming up >> break here, some of the other measures making news tonight. alameda measure a bun calls for a parcel tax at the oakland zoo 60 percent yes to help the zoo in oakland to 40 percent no. 28 percent of the precinct reporting. >> berkeley controversial ordinance would get people off the swawchblingt rate now it is leading at 58 percent. >> contra costa county where measure q on the about a ballot today generates almost 17 million dollars every year for the fire district. even split. 50/50 with 28 percent of the precinct report snooing san francisco measure a would raise 14 mill
.s. airway and america west airlines. >> as millions of americans head to the airport and face long security lines, news tonight about the threat that make those checks so critical. 4 men from southern california are under arrest charged with plot to go join al qaeda and kill americans. as pierre thomas explains the men are following a dead terrorist still so powerful he's inspiring a new wave of jiha jihadist from the grave. >>reporter: an war was the world most wanted man. public enemy no. 1. encouraging radical to attack america in the on line preaching. u.s. killed him in the drone strike in september 2011 but today we learn he's still helping to recruit terrorists from the grave. overnight the fbi announced charges against 4 california men accused of plotting to good to afghanistan to bomb and kill u.s. soldier soldiers. they were disciple of an war. extensive amount of their admiration for him and quite frankly idealizing him. >>reporter: alleged ring leader of the group was a former member of the u.s. air force. fbi claims the alleged terror cell had conducted training inc
corporation of america. >> it's much harder for a lender to say no somebody and in person than on the phone. you have a negotiator right there to make sure it gets done. >> he has been at this for 24 years but only took the nonprofit on the road about four years ago after the subprime disaster unfolded. linda came to one two years ago after her house hold income was cut in. >> a they said they couldn't help me. so we stopped plot says, went through the process with the bank only again to try to foreclose on us. >> she came back and got a 200,000 reduction in principle and $700 reduction in monthly payment. >> come, come early. get in line. if you come on the last two are two-or three days and you don't come early -- >> you sure aren't on the payroll? >> i am on excited about getting my loan modification. >> it's free. >> the homeowner never pays anything ever. >> it's too simple and good to be true. >> that is the question people should ask. >> dan: now the so-called american dream event runs through monday in san jose. it's held in south hall in san jose. it i free again. we have this info
, nearly 313% more than 2011. and it's not over by a long shot. >> reporter: shopping, it's america's biggest past time this holiday season, one huge sales event following another. >> it's become free cyber week. >> cyber week started with cyber monday. that is when people return to their work computers after the thanksgiving week and start by christmas gifts online and the shopping frenzy turns from this to this. buying is just a mouse click away. online sales are on the rise. here are the numbers. consumers spent $11 billion on black friday that is down 2% from last year. early shopping on thanksgiving day may have cut into numbers. they rose more than 17% for online sales and 20% on friday. you may not find the cheapest deals online. some merchants may hold back on steeper discounts until the first week in december. >> there are still deals to be had. you have to shop smart from now until christmas. >> once the final deal is clicked, it just faces one more hurdle. safe home delivery. it doesn't always work. a ups driver dropped off a package without knocking at the door. just a f
his vision of a smaller simpler smarter america. site was taken down this morning. >> menlo park base facebook is paying millions of dollars to neighboring cities as it expands the campus and generates more traffic. it's a story developed by our media partner california watch. non-profit project of the center for investigative journalism with the story tonight, david lou. >>reporter: i'm on the border menlo park. campus down the street but facebook expands it has a tremendous impact on the traffic. facebook is facing potential litigation from neighboring city so it agreed to pay them to mitigate the traffic impact east palo alto has received 650,000 dollars from facebook. half million dollars will be earmarked for traffic on university avenue. 150,000 will good towards bike path. >> things like loop so bicycle make the turn at intersections. doing improvement for pedestrians safety. so those are kind of things that really help and 150,000 dollars will go a long way. >>reporter: even th town here gets 350,000 because employees visitors to facebook will use the streets lined with
. remember america cup sailing team. devastated by the accident that destroyed the high tech racing catamaran last month. we showed you the picture. they are waiting for new boat but in the mean time one of the sailors came up with a novel way to pass the time and lift everyone spirits in the process. here's heather. >>reporter: it's called the spirit of 17. it's made with piece office broken wing from the name sake oracle america's cup catamaran known as the 17. the 8 million dollar racing catamaran crashed in san francisco bay last month and is now being rebuilt here and in new zealand. in the mean time sailor shannon thought it would be fun and therapeutic to build a scale model of the sailboat and compete in tomorrow's red bull race where dear definite will a sense of humor fling themselves and aircraft off a 30 foot platform at the cove and hope to fly. the spirit of 17 will be competing against among other entries a cow. dinosaur and hot sauce bottle. she designed and is building the spirit of 17 on his own but he did consult with one of the oracle team usa design exper
's for this man. president mohammad morsi whom america rae lies on to be a regional peace broker but last week he granted himself unchecked power. him if leaving to bloody clashes. the crowd is planting leave. these are the seam chant 2 years ago during the refuse lugs except that they have substituted mubarak for morsi. the egyptian topple president mubarak. dictator who ruled for 3 decade. they then held a historic election. voted in the new president. now fichlt he's like a super power. >>reporter: the office says the move is just temporary. side lined remnant of the era app put he script on the right track. it's far from within who will win the show did you know but certainly more bloody days ahead on egypt bumpy road to democracy. this is cairo. >> president obama today signed a law that requires u.s. airline to be secluded from fe fees for european carbon emission. air leaps fought the program saying it with add billions to airfare over the next decade or so. officials estimate it could add 30 dollars to each round trip ticket to europe. environmentmentist traimd the bill as first
the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy. >> dan: disney the parent company of abc7 and abc are making a monday a day of giving for victims of sandy. they are kicking off with $2 million to red cross. you can text to abc to give ten dollars to the relief efforts. donate to red cross by 1-800-help now are go on line at >> it's been quite the week for the san francisco's mayor. first he got to take part in the parade and victory celebration and he played ping-pong right out on market street. he went head to head with department of public works and channel his inner force. pretty sharp game. it took place at a ping-pong table set up the powell street cable stop. it was to promote a cit
circle that america is an entitled society. >> giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> dan: pg&e workers sent to the east coast to help restore power are now back in california. some of the 270 workers landed in sacramento this afternoon. they received a warm welcome after spending two weeks restoring power in new york and new jersey. the utility also sent dozens of trucks back east to help them do the work. >> in daly city tonight no time to waste. folks are trying to shore up a hillside weakened by a water main break that flooded streets. lyanne melendez has the story. >> reporter: as soon as daylight hit. they begin the job of erosion control, first shoving back mounds of dirt. hay bales to keep the water and debris away from the street and homes once the rain begins. >> we're going to try and sustain it and not create a public nuisance for the neighbors by having more of the muddy water going down the streets. >> this was the scene yesterday in this daly city neighborhood, mud everywhere after a water pipe broke. cars were covered up to their wheels. a few resid
than america but still, share the same hopes and dreams. cheryl jennings has the story. >> reporter: you are looking at video of afghanistan where he was born. he living in san jose now and internationally known for his best-selling book the kite runner. he spends his free time raising money to build shelters like this for homeless families in afghanistan and provide educational opportunities and health care for women and children. the need is overwhelming after 30 years of war. >> a lot of times people are left homeless without jobs, without food, access to clean water, education, health care. >> some resort to live under ground staying alive? >> there would be 15-25 people essentially living in these holes that had one opening at the very top as a window. they were living there, two and a half months, winter in afghanistan in many parts of country. freezing temperatures, routinely i would go to villages and see elders complain about the sick and elderly and children they were losing every winter. this is one reason why. it costs $2,000 for a family of six or seven people. it can b
wondering if they would agree to work together on america impending fiscal crisis. don't count on. that president obama did not ask romney to broker a deal. the 2 simply agreed to keep in touch. >> first for new york city. this monday was the first day that anyone can remember when there was no violent crime york city. for 24 hours. there was not a single report of a person being shot. stabbed. or subjected to violence of any kind. kments as city is on target to have the lowest murder rate since 1960. police attribute it to putting officers in specific 80's known for crime. >> on the subject of new york finest. one officer is certainly living up to that title. dan harris on a viral photograph of policeman and man who had no shoes. >> new york city police officer on frigid november night in times square bending down to give a homeless and shoeless man a pair of brand new boots. this scene would have gone unnoticed except jennifer foster a tourist just happened to be there. >> i heard him quite clearly say i have these size 12 all weather boots for you. let's take care
association of america. bruce finished third. this was a 1 man race basically. captured by national skipper johnson. johnson with 23 of the 32 first place votes. baker of the reds former giants skipper finished second. keep in maipd the voting is done at the end of the regular season. so bruce leaving the giants world series titles is not considered. fire sale. nothing in you in miami. mary lips at it again sending everything except the if you aquarium in the stadium to toronto. jose reyes, johnson, burly buck and boneface blockbuster trade to toronto that will bring short stop east could before and other pros text to florida. unload 185 million dollars in long-term contracts. in college moon cal second game of the season tonight hosting pepperdine. bears have a big time score in junior allen and look who was attendance. thomas going to graduate school at cal training to better himself. issued start to work on that. play of the game. loose ball. ricky recapture richard solomon. throwing it down. bears with a solid punch. p.m. steal and big first half and finish with 23 points
chun tongue accused of robbing the bank of america on balboa in the richmond district on november 7. the district attorney says he walked in at about 4:45 and handed the teller a demand note. note said had he a weapon but never showed one. teller gave him 1 1700 dollars and he left on foot. >> the residents of san francisco expect their men and women in uniform to uphold themselves with highest respect for the law. and the actions of this particular individual are deplorable. there will be serious consequences. >> investigators used fingerprint on the demand note and bank surveillance video to identify him. he was arrested at 7:30 this morning outside the jail where he works on 7th street. here's what we know about him so far. senior deputy philip chun is 36 years old became a deputy in 2005 and assigned to the custody division. he's facing 2 felony charges. second degree burglary and second degree robbery. >> you can go to state prison for up to 5 years for robbery. it's very violent offense purse to the penal code. >>reporter: he's being held on 150,000 dollar bail. it
news. >> black friday quickly becoming america most violent hotel day. check out the video taken after midnight as galleria maul in roseville. people going crazy. punches thrown left and right between 2 grawps of shoppers. police officers were able to quickly brake up the fight. maul spokesperson said nobody was arrested there. >> wal-mart in chicago people rush in just start grabbing bo boxes. frenzy. it is shopper gone wild. spectacle captured by store employees. they decided the only they think to do was step back and get away. from the crowd. the just for their own safety. pushing shoving and screaming when a victoria secret store in kansas opened the doors this morning. store employee and maul security just were overwhelmed by the friendy crowd. trying to get the first dib on black friday deals. what was the big fuss at victoria secret. giving away free tote back with surprise item inside. >> what is behind this frenzy of crazy shopping? lindsay looks at the hunt for a steal. >>reporter: looks like survival of the fittest. is really just pursuit of the black friday de
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